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Is it socially acceptable to plow through two bottles of wine on a Tuesday night? In a momentary lapse, she forgot Jack Milo Ventimiglia had passed away and put out a cup for him, a reminder of how we take the smallest and most mundane aspects of our lives for granted.

So basically, in a mere 15 seconds, This Is Us transformed all 10 million of its viewers into human Eeyores, leading many of us to cry enough tears to fill up both those coffee cups and a few cereal bowls. We might have even thrown our Kleenex box at the TV. Might have. Throughout the episode, we see teenage Kate Hannah Zeile continually eating and Kevin Logan Shroyer drinking while Rebecca does nothing. Each member of the Pearson clan grieves in their own way.

At least, not yet. The wound is still too fresh. In that moment, he chooses to attend a school closer to home so that he can take care of Rebecca. We all know Randall would have absolutely crushed it at HU. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker. We'd really appreciate it.

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How Ty Burrell is giving back during the pandemic. The identity of this woman was finally revealed in the final seconds of the Season 3 finale on Tuesday night.

It's Rebecca Pearson, Mandy Moorebut many years into the future and she appears to be on her deathbed.

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Her children and their families appear to be gathering to say their goodbyes. Instead, sitting beside her hospital bed is Nicholas "Nicky" Pearson Michael AngaranoJack's estranged baby brother. What we also learn is that Rebecca is not in the hospital, she is at her son, Kevin Pearson's Justin Hartley home. We also discover that Kevin has a son of his own but we don't know with who.

Could it be that he and his longtime girlfriend, Sophie Alexandra Breckenridgegot back together? Earlier in the episode we find out that Kevin and Zoe Baker Melanie Liburd split because she is adamant about not wanting children.

A popular fan theory was that "her" was possibly Beth Pearson Susan Kelechi Watsonsince much of season three focused on her marital problems with her husband, Randall Pearson Sterling K.

this is us mkv index

But with a quick peck on the lips and a flash of her wedding ring during the flash forward, viewers' fears were quickly erased. One unsettling moment came when Toby Damon Chris Sullivan arrived to Kevin's home alone, leaving some viewers wondering if he and his wife, Kate Pearson Chrissy Metzhad possibly split.

Earlier in the episode, they left the NICU with their newborn son Jack, who had been born 12 weeks early. During the flash forward we learn that Kate is on her way over with Jack -- so at least we know that despite his health problems from being born so premature he makes it past those touch and go moments. But despite some resolve, there are still several unanswered questions: Where is Deja Lyric RossBeth and Randall's foster child?

What happened to Miguel? Who did Kevin have a child with? And what is going on with Kate and Toby?TV Schedule. Sign In.

This Is Us —. S4, Ep1. Error: please try again. Jack meets Rebecca's parents.

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New characters are introduced. S4, Ep2. Beth and Randall adjust to life in Philadelphia. Jack and Rebecca take the big three to the pool. S4, Ep3. Randall is confronted with a tough choice. Kate and Toby adjust to their new home. Miguel and Jack's friendship solidifies. S4, Ep4. Kevin reflects on his past. Rebecca visits Randall at college. Beth's mom comes to visit. Kate and Toby share new experiences with baby Jack. S4, Ep5. Rebecca hosts a dinner party.

Kevin tries to support those around him. Randall faces concerns about how his family is adjusting to their new home. S4, Ep6. Kate and Toby try to make time for their marriage. Jack attempts to prove himself to Rebecca's father. Randall struggles to find his place with the other councilmen. S4, Ep7. Deja pushes the boundaries of Randall and Beth's trust. Jack and Rebecca invite Randall's new teacher over for dinner.

S4, Ep8. Rebecca visits Randall in Philadelphia; Beth is troubled by a request from Deja; Kevin has doubts about himself. S4, Ep9. The Pearson family gathers for their first Thanksgiving at Randall's Philadelphia townhouse. S4, EpJosh Futturman, a janitor by day and a gamer by night, is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time to prevent the extinction of humanity. A Chicago-based financial advisor secretly relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks when his dealings with a drug cartel go awry.

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An alcoholic man lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children with whom he lives cope as best they can. Motherland: Fort Salem A trio of witches are trained to become powerful weapons for the American military. Future Man Josh Futturman, a janitor by day and a gamer by night, is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time to prevent the extinction of humanity.

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this is us mkv index

Social Network Best way is that to follow all our social networks at the same time. Bookmark Bookmark the address in front to your browsers in case of domain changes new address will apear in that site automaticly click on the icon. Oct Nov The first thing you must realize is that none of these pictures are to scale. Next you have to know that these pictures are a vague representation of the layout of a Matroska file as a full representation would be just as complex as the specs themselves.

In our case it is a Matroska file. The Metaseek section contains an index of where all of the other groups are in the file are located, such as the Track information, Chapters, Tags, Cues, Attachments, and so on. This element isn't technicaly required, but you would have to search the entire file to find all of the other Level 1 elements if you did not have it.

This is because any of the items can occur in any order. For instance you could have the chapters section in the middle of the Clusters. The Segment Information section contains basic information relating to the whole file. This includes the title for the file, a unique ID so that the file can be identified around the world, and if it is part of a series of files, the ID of the next file.

The Track section has basic information about each of the tracks. For instance, is it a video, audio or subtitle track?

What resolution is the video? What sample rate is the audio? The Track section also says what codec to use to view the track, and has the codec's private data for the track. The Chapters section lists all of the Chapters.

Chapters are a way to set predefined points to jump to in video or audio. The Clusters section has all of the Clusters. These contain all of the video frames and audio for each track. The Cueing Data section contains all of the cues. Cues are the index for each of the tracks. It is a lot like the MetaSeek, but this is used for seeking to a specific time when playing back the file. Without this it is possible to seek, but it is much more difficult because the player has to 'hunt and peck' through the file looking for the correct timecode.

The Attachment section is for attaching any type of file you want to a Matroska file. You could attach anything, pictures, webpages, programs, even the codec needed to play back the file. What you attach is up to you. Someone might even want to attach an Ogg, or maybe another Matroska file some day?!? In the future we want to come up with a standard way to label things like an album cover of a CD.

The Tagging section contains all of the Tags that relate to the the file and each of the tracks. These tags are just like the ID3 tags found in MP3's. It has information such as the singer or writer of a song, ctors that were in the video, or who made the video. While EBML allows elements of the same level to be in no particular order, for better use in streaming contexts and with no drawback for local playback we have introduced a few guidelines on the order of certain elements.

Here is a more complex representation of a Matroska file. This one lists some of the elements for examples. Each of these elements are described in the specs.New episodes of the tv show are the continuation of the story about ordinary people. The drama tells us the stories of heroes of different ages, social status and rank, religion, world views.

One thing they have in common is that they are trying to find themselves in this world.

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No one knows what a further attempt to pursue a dream will result in: success or a complete failure. However, one thing is well-known that there should be a beloved person by your side, your like-minded person.

When you are together with your loved one it becomes a piece of cake to overcome even the most difficult situation.

This Is Us

TV show This Is Us season 3 will show you the very people who manage to find family happiness and fight for it with every single fiber. Skip to content. February 13, 36, views Leave a comment Sabrina Cahill. Hill aka Shakespeare Language: English Runtime: 42 mins. Watch Trailer.

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Report Content. Melissa Ngcobo. Can you add episode 11 please? Sabrina Cahill. Links updated, sorry. Thank you so much!

this is us mkv index

You are welcome!

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