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School dress codes sexist

Why Sexist Dress Codes Suck for Everyone

Imagine a pair of pants that can be worn with almost any kind of top. If you want to look nice for an event, you could just throw on a nice shirt and some tall boots. You'd look like a million bucks and still be comfortable. Or you do the exact opposite; you can just as easily throw on a sweatshirt or t-shirt and feel like you're in pajamas all day. Well, there is such a things.

They are leggings. So why are these pants hated on so much in school dress codes? Why are shirts that show shoulder not permitted? And why do shorts have to be at girl's knees? Times are changing, and there is a big argument about school dress codes and whether or not they are satisfactory towards both genders. There are hundreds and thousands of articles on the web about sexist dress codes, so I wanted to take a peek into what was being said.

Girls all over the Internet say they are not allowed to wear certain clothing because it would be a "distraction" to others, making young women feel self-conscious about themselves. They are tired of hearing the "boys will be boys" excuse. Most girls already struggle with body image because of the way the media "says" women should look and many think that school dress codes are adding to that problem. Girls are sick of it and say school dress codes are just making it worse.

Some like Reese Fischer. She said in an interview with the Huffington Post that, "the degradation of young women in the school system is a real, legitimate issue. The opposing side says that without a dress code, girl's would take the freedom too far. Diamond Bush, a sophomore from an Ohio high school said, "school is for education, not revealing bodies" agreeing that dress codes are beneficial.

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Many on the opposing side say that girls and boys have equal rights when it comes to the dress code. Boys have rules too such as no inappropriate sayings on t-shirts. Also, many believe there are alternative ways to feel comfortable at school without wearing leggings or breaking the dress code. Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. Why does everyone hate leggings all of a sudden? Bowling Green State University.

Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator.Preventing that embarrassment and shame of being sent home for an outfit you may have felt confident in.

Alyssa Alexander, Vice President of the senior class, in her interview, answered with the following statements to the preceding questions:. The Woodbridge Senior High School handbook has not one, not two, but five policies that specifically target female students; and they are as follows: 6.

school dress codes sexist

Garments that do not meet the fingertip rule 7. Sheer garments 9. Garments that expose midriff Garments which are too revealing, expose undergarments, are excessively tight and form-fitting or which have very low necklines or do not meet fingertip rule guidelines Tops with over sized arm openings, strapless tops, tube tops, tops with spaghetti straps, tank tops, racer back tops. If sleeveless, the shoulder must be covered. Rules like these over sexualize young female bodies above keeping their attire strictly appropriate.

There is no set definition, leaving the policies justifiable enforcement up to the interpretation and opinion of the on enforcing the policy. Although there is a level of appropriateness that high school attire should be held up to, simply anything that slightly accentuates the female body is met with embarrassment of being alienated in front of your peers and covered up to hide everything. Is fear really the emotion schools want young female students to feel when getting dressed in the morning for the day?

Fear, fear of being scrutinized in front of peers, in front of friends, the embarrassment can be scaring. For what in fact? Wearing a shirt that accentuates the bodies we have and have no way of changing? For what reason? The cell phone policy at Woodbridge Senior High school only permits its use in-between classes and during lunch. However, cell phones are consistently used as a distraction in class and often lead to conflict between the teachers and students, resulting in harsher restrictions and referrals written.

However, the dress code policy is enforced under the same implications of reduced disruptions in the classroom environment. Which of these actually restricts students learning?

A shirt or skirt is far less likely to impact learning, even in the slightest, compared to ear buds on blast and snapchat. Yet it is the dress code policies that are met with alienation and shame in front of peers under the implication that they are just as much as a distraction as devices used to actually distract themselves in the classroom environment.

How School Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture

Wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants was considered breaking the dress code and was harshly enforcement in the school year.

Now, in the school year, teachers of all departments can be seen wearing the same attire many young girls were sent home for wearing not too long. What message does this send? Teachers and staff are meant to set an example for students to follow and display that the rules apply to them too! This shift in what is considered to be appropriate and professional restricts female students attire simply by the hypocritical opinion of those who we are supposed to look up to and respect.

This hypocritical effect of sexist dress codes that target females, attire is only appropriate for school when those who enforce the dress code deem it to be appropriate for themselves.

school dress codes sexist

This ideology has yet to be applied to male studentswho have only a couple of policies that loosely target them; which then are mostly ignored or at most, met with a slap on the wrist. Jewelry or other items which could be regarded or used as a weapon i. There are guys that are not wearing fingertip length shorts, take me for example, and are still not getting dress coded as opposed to females.

While female student violations result in a call home for skirt not fingertip- length, male students are simply told to pull up their pants while the entirety of their undergarments are hanging out of their pants.

To which afterward are immediately adjusted to their original exposure with no recognition. Although these two policies do target male students, they both are policies against violence and articles of clothing, rather than the five dress code policies that target female students for their physical bodies. While male students are restricted from wearing clothing because they are associated with violence, female students are restricted from wearing attire that accentuates the bodies they are born with and are in for the rest of their lives.Lately, I have been seeing articles about students and parents outraged over the dress codes at their schools and how sexist they are.

Nothing about the dress code in most schools is sexist. Schools simply wants both male and female students to dress modestly and appropriately. It exposes their whole side from their armpit down to their hip. They get in trouble for those shirts just like a girl would get in trouble for a backless shirt. As a teacher, I would never wear a shirt like that without a sweater on top. Students should learn that there are settings in which they can wear that type of attire, but that they must also dress appropriately when the occasion calls for it.

As a teacher, I really appreciate this rule. Do I tell my student that her underwear is showing? Or does she know and not care? Leggings should not count as pants. Do we really need those extra distractions in school? I am in no way offended by that. Leggings are skin-tight. Every piece of fat, muscle, or panty-line is visible.

Girls would probably be staring at the boys butts or more than just that if the boys were wearing leggings to school. This rule bans shirts with any vulgar language, drug or alcohol references, or inappropriate images. I tend to see more boys who wear these types of shirts, but still, this has nothing to do with gender. I make both my male and female students remove their hats and hoods. I disagree. Sure, there will be distractions, but do they have to be a part of our schools?

Absolutely not. I know from male teachers that they feel very uncomfortable when their female high school students are wearing tiny shorts or skirts, or have half of their breasts exposed for the world to see. No, not quite.

school dress codes sexist

Rather, they teach students that beach attire is appropriate for just that — the beach. When they have a job one day, we want our students to understand that their sexy nightclub outfit might not be fitting to deal with customers while working retail, let alone entering a more formal profession.

Why are people not arguing that these dress codes are sexist in the work setting?

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Because they realize that we need some sort of standard to follow. But where is the line? The same is true for prom dresses. It is now popular for girls to wear two-piece dresses, where the top is little more than the size of a sports bra, with a completely bare back and stomach. Some of these dresses have a tiny little portion of the midriff exposed, but students are always pushing the envelope, looking for sexier dresses, so many schools had to ban two-piece dresses altogether.

Others are completely backless, or have huge cut-outs.Dress codes and their role in schools have been a topic of controversy for years, especially now that we can quickly take and share photos on social media. Not all dress codes are harmful. Some schools have gender-neutral uniforms or guidelines that aim to teach students about what will likely be expected of them once they leave school. We wear different styles of clothing for different work settings, formalwear to fancy events, and bathing suits are usually reserved for the pool.

Is it annoying to have to put on pants? Yes, if I'm being honest. You know what? I agree. Boys probably will find your body to be a distraction during class.

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Boys are sexually curious, as are people of all genders. But why is that a problem? At some point, boys are going to need to learn how to be productive despite the presence of female bodies. They need to learn to manage distractions. They need to be able to recognize those feelings and then decide not to act on them.

We all need to learn how to practice self-control, especially when it comes to the way we interact with others. Are we to assume all boys are naturally predatory? But when we enforce sexist dress codes, we show them that we expect them to be. Our expectations are so low for boys that when they do harass, grope, and even assault their female classmates, we rarely hold them accountable — especially if that female classmate was violating dress code.

So yes, I care about the harmful ideas about masculinity that boys learn from school dress codes. But I care more about the discomfort, humiliation, and shame that dress codes can cause for the people they target. The language we use when we talk about dress codes matters. Unfortunately, that nuance is missed by some teachers and school administrators who use cruel methods to enforce dress codes.

When I was in high school, this happened to a girl in the grade ahead of me when she came to school in a shirt that showed part of her midriff. But I heard about it, and I remember it, because the whole school was making fun of her. The dress code enforcement had been meant to humiliate her, and it worked. Instaff at Bingham High School in South Jordan, Utah turned away about a dozen girls whose dresses they deemed to show too much skin.

But even the girls who were allowed to attend the dance still had to go through the ordeal of being scrutinized, and judged — because they were girls.

About girls total were stopped and examined. We don't have to accept this as "just the way things are.Amber Thomas. They are most commonly accused of being racistsexistreinforcing gender stereotypesand promoting sexualization.

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This is the first piece in a forthcoming series where we examine how public high schools police bodies differently and attempt to add data to each of these conversations. Ladies, when was the first time you were made to feel embarrassed and sexualized for what you wore? I was in 5th grade, shorts too short. I remembered the girls who were stopped outside of our middle school dance because their shoulders and underarms were bare.

And being handed a detention slip because a small sliver of my torso was exposed. When it comes to exploring sexualization in dress codes, these hidden messages make the process difficult.

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Afterall, how do you quantify something that is implied? Following the lead of researchers in California and Washington DCwe collected data from hundreds of high schools to learn about what they prohibit and why these policies exist.

Those phrases often looked something like this:. Shirts must cover the midriff and must cover the chest area cleavage must be covered. Policies like these have recently come under scrutiny due to the sexual tone they communicate. At best, students receive the message that those body parts are bad, should be hidden, or are important to others.

At worst, dress codes go so far as to turn whole people into a collection of inappropriate body parts to cover.

Sexist School Dress Codes Are A Problem, And Oregon May Have The Answer

According to our analysis of schools, these are the body parts that schools are most likely to hide from view. Which raises the question: why? The stomach and belly button are not inherently sexual body parts, as sex is not their primary function. Though, in Western culture, the midriff and navel particularly those on female-presenting bodieshave a long history of being seen as taboo or indecent. Somewhat ironically, hiding these body parts away gives them an air of mysteryultimately increasing the sexual tension surrounding them.

Arguments go on about whether a woman baring her midriff is fashionableerotic, or attractive to those looking at her. But each of these arguments comes from the observer rather than the observed.

school dress codes sexist

None of the dress codes we analyzed meet these criteria. Try selecting something else. Note : A few states are missing from this analysis because they did not have any schools listed in the National Center for Education Statistics NCES database that met our criteria.When your in gym girls cant be comfortable in their own way, they can wear tank tops because of their boobs, they cant wear shorts because of their butt, and your clothes have to be almost baggy so they can not see their natural shape.

When you look at the guys though, you see them sometimes walking around with no shirt Why cant guys have to cover up? Yes, characteristically dress codes are bias against girls. The assumption is she would be a distraction to boys or too sexualized. The problem with this; it places a girl in the position of a temptress, nor does it place any responsibility on the boys. Boys need to be taught respect towards girls no matter what they are wearing and to look upon them as another person not as an object of desire or distraction.

Its such a shame that today a womens clothing is more important than her own education. WE shouldn't have to create a 'distraction-free' environment' for men, that is NOT our job. We should be taught to respect everyone and their own choices. Listen to this soundcloud project I did for my college composition class.

This argues that high school dress codes are indeed sexist towards female students. It highlights reasons why the dress codes are sexist, one main reason being that girls bodies are too distracting to boys. Shorts,spandex,crop tops,tank tops,v necks and more are restricted and these are all female clothing. When females are forced to change they are told they could "distract' males. As if its the females fault that then male wouldn't pay attention.

Female students should not be held responsible for what distracts males. Some girls have very long arm's and no girl in the right mind would wear shorts down to her knee's!

The whole "Oh sweetie, those short's are a little past your fingertips" is a whole bunch of baloney! The same goes for skirts. It is fine if a dress is short but if it is short's it is a whole new ball game?

You know that school's don't try to be sexist, but they can't help them self's!

Why Sexist Dress Codes Suck for Everyone

Girls are judged on what they wear! If a girl wears a tank top she is asked to change, but for boys it's, "That's a cool shirt! A while ago, there was a boy who went to school wearing a dress and got arrested believe it or not for apparently causing a distraction.

This was in Texas and there was another boy who wore a dress to school and got suspended. It's not fair! We should wear what we feel comfortable in and not fearing judgement. Some schools are aware that some girls wear inappropriate cloths but the rest of us don't dress like a slut!

If there is a dress code on public schools their like, no bikinis and inappropriate outfits, but schools with a strict dress code they should teach that our body's are perfect the way that we are. If you take a close look at the dress codes of schools, you might notice that most of the points in the dress code targets girls and not boys. If a boy were to wear this stuff, because it does happen, they wouldn't get cited for wearing girls clothing that break dress code because the school would be afraid of getting sued.

Some girls say that uniforms are sexist. This is not true. We all know that girls must look formal and nice in school.

Boys must be given the freedom to run, jump, etc. Girls should not do these things and must keep their legs together and act feminine. Girls are much weaker than boys and people need to accept that simple fact.It turns out that school dress code policies—which prohibit harmless black cultural signifiers and draw attention and shame to individual body parts —make school disproportionately difficult for black girls.

Imagine that!


Co-authored by 20 black girls who attend or recently attended D. Black girls are Race- and sex-based stereotypes result in unequal enforcement of rules. These suspensions can make it hard for black girls to graduate, and studies show that students missing three or more days of class in a month can put them a full year behind their classmates. Seventy-four percent of D.

This is particularly controversial in D. The dress codes examined in the report are also culturally insensitive, often in the hopes of adhering to more mainstream read: white views of professional attire.

According to the report, 68 percent of D. Additionally, girls attending these D. A year-old girl attending a D. I live far. I have to catch two buses and get up at in the morning just to get to school on time. They almost made me go all the way back home, just to change my uniform pants, because my uniform pants were dirty. Some of them were small, and some were too big. They told me to go home because none of the pants fit me. Not everybody is the same size. Some people are big, some people are skinny.

They give you work. So you end up doing the wrong thing and you have to do it over again.

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Dress code violations are also unfairly doled out to curvier or overweight students more than slender, less developed students. A year-old student got a dress code violation for wearing a strapless shirt outside in the sweltering heat:.

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