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Lingering handshake means

If you think this is the same old hand shake info, check out the newest hand greeting on the block. Also, your hand shake may be an indicator of brain health. Oh yes, it is H1N1 safe too. It came into existence prior to the current concerns but is an interesting solution to prevent germs. Tip: Hold your ice'ed drink in your left hand so that your right will not also be chilled by your drink prior to greeting someone. There are numerous opinions on what a hand shake can tell you about someone.

Many are floating around the web and in literature. The truth is somewhere between various opinions. Some literature will say there is no correlation between a handshake and character of an individual.

They will offer proof that it is a learned behavior and once you learn it, you think it is the right and only way. However, there is research showing there is a connection between hand shake strength and how well your brain functions see more near the end of this page.

If that is true then what of all the science about body language. Has that now been proved untrue as well? On the other hand, does a certain kind of hand shake necessarily always mean we are or are not a certain type of person? Does the firmness take into consideration the weakness from arthritis.

What is for certain and what really matters, people will judge you by your hand shake. There is an etiquette for shaking hands that needs to be followed to advance your career.

Do not get hung up on hand shake meaning unless it is the meaning you might want to project. Some people believe what they read even if it is wrong. First, it can tell a bit about personality. To illustrate, if I get a hand written letter with a Zip plus 4, I know the writer is on the ball, detail oriented, and up to date on current business practice provided they live in a area with a "plus 4. So what of a hand shake?I cannot begin to cover all countries, so I will cover what I know.

In addition, times have changed and new customs are being introduced. That does not necessarily mean they are being adopted. Will it catch on? In the United States, a woman or man may offer their hand first for a handshake.

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However, on a global basis, a woman offers her hand first. Austria, Canada and Switzerland — Firm handshakes are usual on meeting and departing with good eye contact. China — Handshakes are acceptable and a slight bow is appreciated. Age and rank matter and the most senior are introduced first.

Someone may introduce themselves with full name, full titles, and company name. If that happens, you should do the same.

Be sure to wait for the Chinese to offer their hand. They may avert their eyes as a sign of respect and you may receive applause. Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden — Shake hands on meeting and leaving with a firm brief handshake and eye contact.

Germany — Brief firm handshakes for all, both greeting and leaving.

What does a lingering handshake mean?

Be sure not to have one hand in pocket. Italy — Handshaking and gesturing are done by most, as well as using titles if someone has one. A man waits for a woman to offer her hand. It is considered an insult to pull your hand away sharply, as holding on is a sign of friendship. Lingering handshakes are to be expected. Women are not included in this exchange. Luxembourg and The Netherlands — Be sure to have a light handshake coming and going with everyone, while keeping eye contact.By Richard Gray for MailOnline.

It is said that you can learn a lot about someone from their handshake - but it appears they may be learning far more about you than we have perhaps ever realised. Scientists have discovered that the traditional sign of friendship is actually a way for us to get a good sniff of someone we have just met. They found that humans unconsciously use the touch from a handshake as a way to sample smelly chemicals from each other.

Scroll down for videos of the experiments conducted by the researchers. A firm handshake may also be a way of sampling the scent of the person you have just met, say scientists. In a study using hidden cameras, researchers observed people as they greeted each other with and without handshakes. Those that grasped hands upon meeting then touched their faces and around their nose far more often afterwards compared to a greeting where there was no physical contact.

A high-five or fist bump may not be the most formal way of greeing someone, but they have one advantage over a handshake, say experts - they are better for our health.

A British study has found that slapping palms together at head height passes on fewer than half as many germs as the traditional greeting. The number of bugs transmitted to the second glove was counted and the contact area measured.

How to Not Shake Hands

Then the procedure was repeated with high-fives and also with the even trendier fistbump, which involves two balled fists being gently and briefly rapped together. The high-five was more hygienic than the handshake but the fistbump was the cleanest of all, transferring around one-twentieth of the bugs of the handshake. It is thought that the brevity of the action and the smaller contact area helped slash transmission.

The scientists believe that the face touching is a way of subtly sniffing the hand used in the handshake and it was particularly prevalent when greeting people of the same sex. Professor Noam Sobel, chair of neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute of Science, who led the research, said: 'It is well-known that we emit odours that influence the behaviour and perception of others but, unlike other mammals, we don't sample those odours from each other overtly.

The researchers, whose work is published in the journal eLifebelieve their findings may provide some hints at why handshakes first evolved to become a greeting and cementing a friendship. It has since become a way of sealing a deal and even a sign of sportsmanship.

Limp and damp handshakes are often seen as being an unattractive trait. But they may also provide us with unconscious olfactory clues about the other person. Many other animals use smell as a key part of learning more about each other, such as dogs that will regularly sniff each other upon greeting.Your next move is to leave your safe space and go to her with good body language and your "opening line" so you can talk with her.

Verbal communication will greatly close the physical and emotional space between you both. She wants you to approach her now, and she is waiting, so get moving! But be aware that as you walk toward her, she will learn a lot about you from your body language.

What does a long handshake mean?

Women are wired with this ability to read approaching men's body language. By the time you reach her, she will have decided to either receive you as a possible friend or reject you as a problem guy. So use your best body language and walk slowly and straight, with as little extraneous body movements as possible. Walk confidently and casually directly to her. Your relaxed body language should say, "I am alive, healthy and a strong man. I am confident in myself.

I am interested in you. I won't hurt you. She knows it takes courage to approach her because at any moment she could reject and embarrass you. She will admire, appreciate, and reward your courage and confidence to be brave and take a risk! You will be demonstrating your Alpha Maleness, and she will like that!

As you walk toward her, don't look around the room! Look continuously at her eyes. And don't check out her breasts. You may do that later. Imagine that there are only you two in the room and imagine that you are saying and meaning this: "I like you, and I am eager to talk with you. Thank you for inviting me to meet you. As you approach her, give her a soft, friendly smile that says, "I am happy to meet you.

Keep in mind that she came there to meet someone and here you are! Probably she is pleased that you have selected her above all the other women there.

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You are her hero! Walk up to her confidently and proudly! As you approach her, don't blast into her personal space like you are attacking. Go slowly and gently. Stand tall and move slowly and confidently.You can tell a lot about a person from the way they shake hands with you.

Whether they intend to let you know or not. How can that be? How do you know if the person doesn't have a weak hand or some other medical condition preventing them from doing any other type of handshake other than as though you are shaking hands with a piece of tissue paper? Or maybe the person does not know their own strength which is why I can't feel my hand for a few minutes after I shake it with him?

How can you really tell a lot about a person by the way they shake hands with you? A number of years back, I was working at a large corporation in a department that supported a number of infrastructure areas. There were so many areas being covered by the group that I often wondered why all this responsibility was being placed under one group and not a few groups.

lingering handshake means

Around the same time, the company was beginning to go through some financial difficulties that caused the rumor mill to begin working overtime. What was a main rumor topic? This was enough to make many people become a little uneasy about the future of their positions at the company. Soon after employees started hearing the buzz about a possible RIF, the vice president in charge of the division I was working in hired a new Director to run many of the organizations including mine.

Usually when someone comes into a new position of leadership, they want to make their mark in the company. A way they usually do that is by re-organizing the departments. My team had an opportunity within the next week or so to meet with the new director. During the meeting he told us that he had no intention of performing any re-organizations of the group I was a part of what-so-ever. He was smiling and sounded sincere.

lingering handshake means

More interestingly about the handshake was that as soon as I shook his hand, the feeling that this person was insincere and flat out lying to me was the first thing that flashed across my mind. Personally, I was taken completely off guard to the impression I received from him through his handshake. A sense of fear for my job at the time almost automatically came over me. There were so many of us in the group that he actually wound up shaking my hand a second time before we left the room.Sindhuja Iyer.

Sweaty palms indicate nervousness, as the sympathetic nervous system gets activated and produces more sweat when a person experiences discomfort or is nervous. Dead Fish: Dead Fish. Just like a dead fish, this handshake is something that signifies the indifference and is a numb shake of the hand, making it seem as though the person has no bones. This type of a handshake indicates a reserved or a passive personality.

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Hand Crusher: Hand Crusher. This type of handshake where the person crushes the hand of the other until the receiver cringes is often referred to as the bone crusher. Although not a conscious move to test the strength, this type of a handshake is seen as being intimidating.

Queen FingerTips. This is a handshake where the hands do not meet and it is rather just the fingers that greet. This sort of handshake is usually seen between people of a higher order like the queen when they are to encounter a handshake with their subordinates, while few women also tend to maintain this handshake when with men and it signifies the need for personal space.

Usually seen among Politicians, this type of handshake is said to convey the meaning of warmness, friendly, honest and trustworthy. The Shug: The Shug. Occasionally, you have often noticed people while shaking hands that their hand is on the higher position with their palm pointing towards the ground. These are a few different types of handshake and their implications, which we came across.

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Handshake is an important gesture, which usually lasts for around 3 to 6 seconds and can make a long standing impact on the opinions formed thereby. Grammar Nazi. Social Butterfly. Hates laziness. Is probably thinking of a story idea while speaking to you. Your email address will not be published. Post Tags 7 Types of Handshakes and What they Meanhandshake and body languagehandshake and its significanceHandshakes and their meaninghow to shake handunderstanding handshake.

Dead Fish. Hand Crusher. The Shug. The Dominator Handshake.When I softened it I was accused of shaking hands like a limp Tilapia. Then I changed it again and somebody said I shook hands like a dog whatever that means.

His question was simple: What's the best way to shake hands when you first meet somebody you're interested in? A simple handshake can up your odds of getting a man, a date or a phone number. Here's why: It's the first time he'll touch and feel your skin.

what does a 'lingering handshake' mean?

What kind of physical impression do you want to leave him with? Consider how you go into judgment over-drive when somebody shakes your hand and you'll see why it's so important for you to get this right.

Let's say your hottie extends his hand and you shake it. What do you notice? The size, the shape, and the pressure he uses, whether his skin is soft or rough, warm or cold or dry or sweaty. You'll probably also notice whether he has clean nails or bites them -- all of which you have an opinion about.

A handshake doesn't just leave a physical impression; it communicates an emotional one, too. If you're not careful, you can come across as a selfish SOB, a butt-kissing suck up, a needy little barnacle or a toss-your-head snob who's six feet above contradiction. None of which will get you a date.

Or, land you a phone number.

lingering handshake means

The most important feature of a handshake isn't the pressure of your hand but the angle of your palm. The more you turn your palm face down the more you'll come off as an overbearing control freak.

You're literally and symbolically taking the Upper Hand which inevitably results in seeing the Back of His Head. At the same time, the more you turn your palm upward the more you're going to be perceived as a bumbling Mr. You could split the difference and keep the edge of your palm completely vertical to the floor, communicating equality. It's the perfect handshake for business but do you want to sign a contract or make contact?

Go for the handshake that studies show create instant rapport:. Ask Barack Obama about that handshake. It's the only one he uses. Which brings up an interesting point -- sexy male body language is the same as friendly male body language. The handshake that makes you appealing in a gay bar also makes you appealing at work. The same handshake that helps increase your attractiveness in the gay dating world, helps you increase your influence in the working world.

So pay attention and you'll be able to kill two birds with one handshake. Available for instant download here. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. All rights reserved.

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