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Fanfiction giving birth alone mpreg

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Tony Stark had been in labour for two days straight and his waters still hadn't broken, quite frankly, it was killing him. He was stretched out on his sofa in his living room, trying to keep himself calm as the already painful contractions got worse. I am afraid that no one can speed up the process of nature, not even a God like I. You just need to keep calm and stay patient, Tony…" Thor sat down next to the labouring man and placed a hand on his baby bump.

Feeling the baby kick, Thor smiled.

fanfiction giving birth alone mpreg

Can't you just induce my labour or something to make this whole scenario go faster?! However, I will not allow you to go alone. I shall be accompanying you just so that if your waters do break, I will be there to help you. This kid is so stubborn; you can tell that it's Steve's. He put one hand on Tony's back to support him and then slowly lifted the heavily pregnant man to his feet.

Outside, the garden was in full bloom. The sky was a perfect ocean of blue with no clouds in sight, the grass was a lush carpet of green moisture and the flowers formed a rainbow on the ground. The two men ventured out into the sun and met up with Jan who was busy catching rays in her two piece swimsuit. She was lying on a sun bed just by the patio that led inside. As Tony and Thor approached her, Jan sat up and removed her heart-shaped sunglasses, revealing a pair of bright blue eyes.

How're you feeling Tony, contractions still getting worse? Thor is it time?! Thor sighed with relief and shook his head. Tony is merely experiencing his next contraction. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Comics Avengers. The first child of Steven Rogers and Anthony Stark is about to be born.

How will the Avengers react to the whole ordeal? Warnings: Yaoi, Mpreg you know the drill! A new legacy is about to be birthed! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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Thank you for visiting! Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Invalid E-mail. Password: password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. Complicated Childbirth. Without a midwife nor a healer, Sesshomaru had no choice but to do the delivery himself. However, things got very complicated.

Not your normal mpreg or childbirth story. New Chapter Alert: Due to requests, kindly indicate in your review to be notify via email for subsequence update.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (6/9) Movie CLIP - Childbirth (2011) HD

Signs of the start of labor include: - Painful contractions - Dilatation of the cervix - Leakage of amniotic fluid - Bloody discharge a small amount of blood mixed with mucus from the cervix - Rupture of the membranes 3 stages of birth: 1 Early labor last from 2 to 9 hours, dilation from 0 to 4 centimetres 2 Active labor last shorter than Early phase, dilation from 4 to 8 centimetres 3 Transition labor last from 10 to 90 minutes, dilation from 8 to 10 centimetres ' Inuyasha gasped and quickly clutched his bulging belly with both his hands.

As soon as Sesshomaru saw the vicious youkai who had landed a solid blow to Inuyasha's stomach, he immediately dashed across the forest, tearing the youkai apart.

Inuyasha cracked his eyes. Sesshomaru moved swiftly, lifting Inuyasha up in his left arm, then leaping to a branch and slicing the youkai to pieces with his claws. Inuyasha shot his arms around his mate's neck as another pain shot through his being, harder this time. Inuyasha grunted, "It's coming out. He tightened his hold on his mate, clenching him closer to his body. They flew through the forest at an amazing speed.

Sesshomaru caught an odd scent. Looking down at his mate, he saw a damp patch on the groin area. Inuyasha's water sac had broken and it meant that the pup will be out at anytime. They would not be able to reach the castle soon enough. Sesshomaru scanned the surrounding area, searching for a safe spot to land. Sesshomaru winced, not from the sting in his back but from the pain his mate was currently going through. Sesshomaru stopped by a river. He sniffed the air and looked all around to ensure there were no dangers before lying the limp form of his mate slowly onto the soft grass.

Inuyasha breathing was labored and his brows knitted together in agony.Browse Fiction Poetry. Community General Fiction Poetry.

fanfiction giving birth alone mpreg

Forum General Fiction Poetry. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community General MPreg' fan. MPreg' fan. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Welcome to the MPEG's fan. Pico wrote this. Softhearted Sins of a Romantic by Underrated Candy reviews Julian had always been a guy who wanted a family, but no woman appealed to him. One article caught his eye; a male species able to bear children.

Without thinking ahead, he goes forth with his plan. But, the future changes. Domestic Life by astrumangelus reviews A man's view of life - past and present - the happiness, the pain and ofcourse the bright future. It is a story about how a little boy mends the gap between a married couple estranged by loss of their child and how they await to welcome a new member to their family.

If that's not your cup of tea, please ignore. Elijah Sunset by mo person reviews These are the diary entries of a young man trying to survive in a world that is not very hospitable to his kind.

He must support himself and his son, who he has born himself.


In the end, with the help of a tropical chef and that chef's children, he learns to love himself. Which is the greatest love of all. Emerging Secret by the-notebooks-voice reviews Original Mpreg.I walked into you at a shopping mall, we head to a private area where I can show you how I have grown and let you touch my belly. I am at popping point, due on any day. Making something to eat Jim feels a sharp pain in this abdomen. He goes into labor right there and then.

Trying to get to hospital in time, Elijah and Jim run into traffic. They have no choice but to stop in a friends garage and deliver in the back of the car. Elijah and Warren visit the doctor for a checkup and he assures them all is good. They rush into the house and Warren gives birth! Watch Jim in labor in 4k! He was not in time to make it to the hospital and had to have a home birth, by himself.

This is a custom request video I did for a friend of mine. After a few years of not seeing my friend, he shows up at my babyshower, we have a bit of small talk. We then go somewhere private where you can have a sneak peek at my belly and give my belly a touch! Oh, and I reveal the gender! This is a custom vid I did for someone. Join me in this journey!

fanfiction giving birth alone mpreg

I explain how I am feeling, experiencing morning sickness etc. Elijah and Warren eventually tied the knot! They just arrived in the beautiful Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa for their honeymoon, after a great but exhausting wedding. Elijah, seeing all the wildlife for the first time, wanders off to get a closer look. Warren, not feeling to well, stays behind. And you guessed it, the time is nigh! Warren frantically tries to contact his significant other, but cannot get hold of him and goes into labor by himself in the ever expanding African bush veld.

To his relief, Elijah shows up just in time to share in this magnificent experience! Come share this wonderful moment with MAX while he is in labor! In a nail-biting labor scene!

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He was too far from the hospital to make it in time! You can see the tears in his eyes! Elijah is in tremendous pain.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

None of us will be happy to be forced to do something which we don't like. Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan are not the exceptions in that. But the actual question is, do they really don't like it?

This is the story of how FN, the lowly and hated by some stormtrooper, became known across the galaxy. Cold and emotionless. Song Zang Ren was a perfect office worker. He was efficient in his tasks and systematic. He was too perfect and handsome, or more accurately, beautiful and was nicknamed angel by the people.

graphic mpreg birth stories

Hiding the fact he was an omega, pretending to be a beta, he was seen as a diligent model citizen. He never once thought that would be mated and bonded with anyone as he was satisfied being single forever.

He had rejected dozens of people. But accident happened when he met a certain cocky alpha. Ever since he presented, Lando Calrissian never thought that he would ever lead the family life.

Despite being an Omega, starting a family was never one of his aspirations. This is the story of how Lando Calrissian and Han Solo become pairs, and then later in life form a triad kinda. How could a cloudy choice lead to this? What would he do now?

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To establish the status of Phillip Ronan Gallagher as a crown prince, Frank the Unpredictable King sends his eldest and his second son in search of a wife, while hoping that Ian will never return from this trip. Outlands, Texas circa Gil Estrella and his best friend, Hunter Wormwood, try to come to terms with what happened in September. It's been a month since that oh fateful day. Hunter's uncle, X. James Wormwood, is fighting off demons and other-worldly beings, all while expecting a new member of his family.

fanfiction giving birth alone mpreg

Nothing will separate us, and your Dad will never disown you. The last thing he ever wants to see is his son crying thinking that one of his parents doesn't love him.

The robron mpreg fic!! I know it's not going to be everyones cup of tea, but hopefully there's suitable happily marrieds content and fluff to make up for it. This is the story of how Bran Stark became the queen of the seven kingdoms and tamed the beast that is Joffrey Baratheon. Yoongi always wanted a baby, he had dream of being pregnant since he knew he could have one, something precious to hold and to care with all his heart.

But with a baby, he had yearned for a mate too, who would love him, hold him at night and care for him. He never thought he would be pregnant after being fucked in a bathroom stall by someone he could never think of ever again.

Even if he had to raise him alone. His mate has been missing for over fifty years and now Tony, his miracle baby, is all the omega has left of him. Tony Rogers-Stark constructs his first circuit board at four, under the guiding hands of his mother. He puts together his first engine at 6, to Howard's blinding smile.

He also gets into his first fight defending a little girl from a bully, with the stories of his father's childhood ringing in his ears.A place where dreams of male pregnancy are realized! Visit our forums, register, and join the community! To contact Mpreg Central, please email the administrator at mpregcentral gmail. Mpreg Central Find us across the web:. Home Forums. Mpreg Central A place where dreams of male pregnancy are realized!

Mpreg Central is home to a wide range of users who write original fiction about male pregnancy.

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With over threads in our Stories Archive, there is material to read for everyone! From depictions of romance, birth, and bellies, artists within the community are always hard at work on something new. Visit the Art Gallery and find a new favorite! How would a man conceive and carry a child? How would he give birth? What is it about male pregnancy that is so intriguing? We don't always have the answers, but visit the Mpreg Discussion board and add your own two cents! Mpreg Central. Find us across the web:.

Stories Mpreg Central is home to a wide range of users who write original fiction about male pregnancy. Art From depictions of romance, birth, and bellies, artists within the community are always hard at work on something new.

Discussion How would a man conceive and carry a child?This is just a quick story I whipped up. No, I've never been pregnant or been through this but…whatever. I walked along through the rain tired and wet. One hand holding my backpack and the other holding up my swollen belly.

Nine months of traveling, no shelter, no food. Just a heavy backpack with junk in it and an eight pound baby ready to be born at any second. I stumble through the storm trying to find a place to rest but to no avail. I come to an alleyway hoping to maybe find an abandoned apartment…something. I only see a dead end so I turn around and head back to the sidewalk where I was walking moments earlier. I continue walking until I see lightening strike above me and it just figures as soon as that happens that a pain rips through my back and my lower abdomen.

My knees buckle and a lean on a wall and clutch my stomach at the same time. Stupid contractions! You can't wait to start until I find shelter?

I moan and try to gain my composure as I hurry along the sidewalk, one hand still holding up my heavy womb.

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The blue colored sundress I am wearing is clinging to me tightly seeing as it's soaked, my white sneakers are filled with water from stepping in puddles and now I feel as though I'll just sit down anywhere and give birth to this baby. I moan again, stopping once again when another contraction rips through my body. I breathe deeply and clutch my stomach as it tightens.

I feel the baby kicking hard against me as she prepares for her birth.

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I take one hesitant step still trying to find shelter when I see a motel close by. I hurry over hoping to get a room before the next contraction hits. As I am standing there paying for a nights stay my belly tightens again and I'm forced to stand in front of the receptionist and wait it out.

After it's over I meekly leave the lobby and go out climbing the stairs to my room. Peachy, they give me a second floor room! One hand on the rail and the other on the underside of my belly I climb the stairs and hurry up to shakily unlock the door. By then I'm breathing heavily and I'm sure that this baby is coming soon. I slip off my sneakers at the door and hurry to the bathroom where I promptly begin to run some bath water.

I step out of the bathroom and go to the bed and begin ripping off the sheets. I stop what I am doing momentarily and let out a cry of pain.

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I turn off the water and go back to finish taking off the sheets. Then I pull some items I picked up over time out of my backpack. Scissors, towels, and a few other things I figured I'd need.

I was starting to run out of time, my belly was throbbing and contracting and the baby was nearly in position as far as I could tell. I stood up with struggle this time and began to set up my station, everything I'd need for the next how ever many hours it takes to do this.

Thankfully I had packed other clothes should it come down to this. I wipe sweat from my forehead and breathe deeply as another contraction comes on, I set down all the items on the floor in the bathroom and lay the sheet down, thankfully it's big enough that I can sit down myself, even stretch my legs out. Okay I got this far, now I just had to wait and see what happens next.

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